Posted: June 29, 2005

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Tuesday announced the formation of Unite Our States, a political action committee to elect candidates committed to addressing the challenges facing our country by beginning to unite “red” and “blue” states, big cities and small towns, and Americans of all walks of life. 

Through Unite Our States, Sen. Biden will promote a unifying agenda of strong leadership in the world, security and economic growth at home, and straightforward leadership for the voters of America. Unite Our States will support candidates who share these values and are willing to fight for them. 

“This effort will support candidates across the country who are committed to uniting Americans behind a leadership role in the world based on the belief that our military power is vital, but so too is the power of our values,” said Sen. Biden, a six-term Democrat from Delaware. 

“We can protect our people and economy from potential terrorist attacks and combat domestic violence and crime in our neighborhoods. We can and should do whatever necessary to secure our homeland, but we must also renew our support for local law enforcement and first responders. 

“We will develop a strong and growing middle class built on economic innovation, retirement security and access to affordable health care. Our agenda will include increased access to higher education and improved public schools.” 

Sen. Biden plans to travel extensively to promote the causes of Unite Our States and to campaign for Democratic candidates throughout the country. Unite Our States will offer regular updates of Sen. Biden’s speeches, views and policy statements through 

Unite Our States works to diminish the partisan and divisive dialogue dominating American politics today. Sen. Biden and the candidates he supports are committed to building on the sense of unity and national purpose which all Americans demonstrated in the weeks and months following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.