Updated: April 22, 2016

The way candidacies get going is people hear about them on the Grapevine.

Office Democrats Republicans Rundown

John Carney

Colin Bonini

Lacey Lafferty

It is too early to call Carney the governor, maybe just "His Inevitableness"
U.S. House

Sean Barney

Mike Miller

Lisa Blunt Rochester

Bryan Townsend

Rose Izzo

Hans Reigle

So many candidates, so many ways to splinter the vote. Perish the thought, but the congressional race in this Democratic state could be decided by whoever can get something like a third of the vote in the Democratic primary
Lieutenant governor

Brad Eaby

Greg Fuller

Bethany Hall-Long

Kathy McGuiness

Ciro Poppiti III

Sherry Dorsey Walker

La Mar Gunn Matt Denn couldn't wait to get out as lieutenant governor, and now a whole bunch of people want to get in. This isn't an office, it's a bus terminal
Insurance commissioner

Karen Weldin Stewart

Paul Gallagher

Trini Navarro

Jeff Cragg

George Parish

Stewart had a primary when she won the office in 2008. She had one in 2012. Why should 2016 be any different?

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