Posted: Sept. 6, 2012


By Celia Cohen
Grapevine Political Writer

The polls will be open all over Delaware, as both the Democrats and the Republicans have statewide primaries. Along with a smattering of legislative contests, they make up the Top Ten state races to be decided on Tuesday, Sept. 11.

Office Party Candidates Rundown
U.S. Senate D

Tom Carper

Keith Spanarelli

People may be surprised to hear Carper has a primary against Spanarelli, a walk-on candidate who did not mind blowing $10,000 on a filing fee
U.S. House R

Tom Kovach

Rose Izzo

If Kovach, the New Castle County Council president who has the party's endorsement, does not crush Izzo, a political loner, it will be the saddest commentary yet on the Republican Party
Insurance commissioner D

Karen Weldin Stewart

Mitch Crane

P. Gallagher

D. Spivack

Stewart did not have enough clout to keep Crane from getting the party endorsement, but she could have enough to divide-and-conquer three challengers
Senate 11th



Tony DeLuca

Bryan Townsend

DeLuca, the president pro tem, is a reward-your-friends-and-punish-your-enemies type whose style brought him a primary, but he should get by with a little help from his political friends, including the governor
Senate 6th



Ernie Lopez

Glen Urquhart

This seat is new, due to redistricting, but the race has a familiar divide with Lopez drawing support from party regulars and Urquhart from tea partiers
Senate 6th


D Bob Frederick

Mike Miller

Andy Staton

The new seat was irresistible on the Democratic side, too. Staton has prime backing from the governor and Pete Schwartzkopf, the House majority leader, against Frederick, the ex-mayor of Dewey Beach, and Miller, a perennial candidate
Senate 19th

Bridgeville-Georgetown-Long Neck


Joe Booth

Eric Bodenweiser

Booth is running for his political life against the tea partiers and his own boneheaded play to get himself on the public payroll at Sussex Tech
House 2nd



Stephanie Bolden

Arthur Scott

Bolden is getting a race from Scott, an ex-representative who lost his seat 10 years ago in the last round of redistricting
House 22nd

Hockessin-Pike Creek Valley


Nick Manolakos

Joe Miro

Redistricting is the reason for this member-against-member primary
House 32nd



Andria Bennett

Bill McGlumphy

A second DUI stop kept Brad Bennett from running for re-election, so his wife is running instead. It is McGlumphy, who spent 10 years on the Dover City Council, against "Brandria"

Incumbents in bold