Posted: Sept. 11, 2006


Primary Day is Tuesday in Delaware with 15 races for statewide and legislative nominations on the ballot -- 10 for the Democrats and five for the Republicans.

Here is a breakdown of the primary elections with incumbents listed in italics.






U.S. Senate, Republican

Jan C. Ting, Michael D. Protack, Christine O’Donnell


Thomas R. Carper, Democrat

Ting has the endorsement, the money and the advantage against two irregular Republicans

Jan Ting is no Bill Roth, and Carper has no worries on his way to a 2nd Senate term and 12th statewide win

U.S. House of Representatives, Democrat

Dennis Spivack, Karen M. Hartley-Nagle

Michael N. Castle, Republican

Party leaders don’t just want Spivack to win, they want him to crush Hartley-Nagle, the “fusion” candidate also running on the Independent Party

The biggest question is whether Spivack can hold Castle below his usual 70 percent

1st Senate, Democrat

Harris B. McDowell III, Charles Potter Jr., 2 others

Republican primary

Potter is a city councilman, but McDowell has been holding off primary opponents for years

McDowell is favored to be the winner who keeps the seat Democratic

1st Senate, Republican

Gregory T. Chambers, Tyler P. Nixon

Democratic primary

Chambers is endorsed and should have no trouble turning back Nixon, a “fusion” candidate

The 2-1 Democratic registration edge is too much to overcome

14th Senate, Republican

John Feroce, Barbara J. Allsop

James T. Vaughn Sr., Democrat

Feroce is a Rhode Island import in a state that likes homegrown, but he is endorsed and Allsop went “fusion”

The Republican infighting damaged their chances against Vaughn, who is near the end of his career but likely has one more election in him

1st Rep, Democrat

Dennis P. Williams, Vincent M. White


The last time Williams had a primary, he topped 70 percent in 2002

Williams is on track to return to Dover

2nd Rep, Democrat

Hazel D. Plant, Donald Farrell


Except for one term, a Plant has represented this district since 1974

Plant is always challenged in a primary and always pulls it out

3rd Rep, Democrat

Helene M. Keeley, Robert Bovell


Keeley is running against a party-switcher who ran for mayor as a Republican

Keeley won the seat in a primary and keeps it that way

4th Rep, Democrat

Gerald L. Brady, Loretta Walsh, 1 other

Gary C. Linarducci

This is the showcase race between 2 city council members with Walsh slightly favored

Whoever wins, Democrats regard this race as their best chance to pick up a House seat with Republican Rep. Joe DiPinto  retiring

6th Rep, Democrat

Diana M. McWilliams, Michael R. Dore

W.E. “Bill” Smith, Republican

McWilliams easily should dispatch another of those pesky “fusion” candidates

McWilliams looks fine for a second term

7th Rep, Democrat

Carl Colantuono, Fred J. Boykin

Wayne A. Smith, Republican

It was a real no-no when Boykin got himself arrested for an election-related threat

Never mind, Wayne Smith wins

13th Rep, Democrat

Edward F. Doyle Jr., John L. Mitchell Jr., 1 other

John Jaremchuk Jr., Republican

Mitchell is endorsed, but Doyle has the Teamsters

The district is super-Democratic, and the Democratic winner takes the handoff from retiring Rep. John Van Sant

20th Rep,  Republican

Brian N. Moore, Nick Manolakos

Richard J. Korn, Democrat

Manolakos has given fits to Moore, the endorsed candidate, but not likely enough to beat him

Republicans have the registration to keep this seat with Rep. Roger Roy retiring

26th Rep, Democrat

John J. Viola, Charles Tucker


Viola is facing a surprisingly spirited challenge

It ought to be a win for Viola

33rd Rep, Republican

Harold J. “Jack” Peterman, Ulysses S. Grant

Robert E. Walls, Democrat

Peterman has the high ground as a Levy Court commissioner with the party endorsement

Peterman will have a fight to keep this seat Republican after the retirement of Rep. Wally Caulk, an independent who used to be Republican