Updated: July 30, 2015

Chris Bullock has decided that church and state will not work out for him, but church and county still will. Instead of running for lieutenant governor, he prefers to stay put.

Bullock has been leading a life of the secular and the spiritual since the 2012 election, when he won a four-year term as the New Castle County Council president and also continued as the senior pastor at Canaan Baptist Church in New Castle.

Bullock has been telling his fellow Democrats he intended to run for lieutenant governor in 2016, but now he is un-telling them. His new resolve is to run for re-election.

"I felt good about lieutenant governor, but I have an ambitious church construction project, and there is still a lot of work I'd like to be a part of getting done at the county," Bullock said.

Never let it be said that a higher office should get in the way of a higher calling.

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