Posted: May 13, 2008


By Celia Cohen
Grapevine Political Writer

Ten days after the Delaware Republican Party drafted Bill Lee for governor, the retired judge who was the 2004 nominee officially accepted by filing his candidacy Tuesday with the state Elections Department.

Lee will run on a ticket with Senate Minority Leader Charlie Copeland for lieutenant governor, although the voters cast separate votes for the two offices.

Lee released the following statement: 

"Today I filed the paperwork necessary to seek the office of Governor of the State of Delaware.

"Four years ago, I traveled to every corner of the state with a vision of a better Delaware if we changed direction, and a warning that we would face troubled times if we did not. These troubled times are here.

"I again offer the people of this state a vision of a better Delaware; A government which is open and honest and takes responsibility for its actions; Schools which prepare all our children for the future; Good, high-paying jobs for our citizens and highly-skilled workers to attract new companies.

"I now embark on a new journey to convince the people of the state of Delaware that Senator Charlie Copeland and I have shown the foresight, have shown the vision and are prepared to fight every day until we make Delaware the best state in the union once again.

"I'm in, and I expect to win."