Posted: April 1, 2013


By Celia Cohen
Grapevine Political Writer

Today is April Fools' Day, the only holiday named for politicians.

Here are some ways to help them live up to the billing. As if politicians needed help to be fools.

1. Tell Tom Carper, the Democratic senator who calls himself a recovering governor, the two-term limit has been lifted. Watch him pitch a tent outside the state election department to be first in line to file for governor in 2016.

2. Tell Joe Biden that Hillary Clinton has decided to spend the rest of her life in a nunnery.

3. Tell Chip Flowers, the Democratic state treasurer, that people really do care what he says, and his Report on the Delaware State Treasury has gone viral.

4. Tell Tom Gordon, New Castle County's Democratic executive, that PSY is making a new music video called "Gordon Style." Sherry Freebery will star.

5. Tell Jeff Christopher, the Republican sheriff in Sussex County, his office is being added to the First State National Monument as a relic of the 18th Century, where he can have powers of arrest.

6. Tell the state Republicans that Elena Delle Donne wants to be their next candidate for governor.