Posted: March 24, 2008


Got money? No one gets elected without it. Here is a summary of the state of the financial state of legislative candidates in key races.






What counts

10th Senate

Bethany Hall-Long


Steve Amick


Amick has been warned for years he could get a real challenger, and this could be it. If Rep. Hall-Long runs, the cost is sure to skyrocket

16th Senate

Harold Stafford


Colin Bonini


In what was supposed to be a showcase race between Bonini and a labor ex-secretary, the money doesn't indicate it. Advantage to Bonini 

17th Senate

Brian Bushweller


Jim Hutchison


Retiring Sen. John Still and Bushweller combined to spend $250K in '04. A new battle royale between Bushweller and Hutch  probably won't get any cheaper  







7th Rep

Bryon Short


Jim Bowers


 Look at those dollars. This isn't just a rematch of the '07 special election, it's a cage match

9th Rep

Rebecca Walker


Dick Cathcart


Walker came within 600 votes in '06 but did no fund raising in '07. A shortfall on money translates into another shortfall on votes 

18th Rep

Mike Barbieri


Terry Spence


Call the speaker "Soft Touch Spence," who collected $28K in '07 and blew it all. Not a problem because his '06 opponent frittered the year away, too

24th Rep



Bill Oberle


 Oberle took zero donations and spent down his account. Is he running or isn't he?

27th Rep

Earl Jaques


Vince Lofink


The money that matters in this race is the $1.2 mil Lofink's son took from the state. Will the voters make Lofink pay?

28th Rep

Bill Carson


Christine Malec


Malec will need a lot more if she is to turn the tables on Carson, who defeated her 2-1 in an '07 special election

29th Rep

Trey Paradee


Pam Thornburg


Thornburg has a solid down payment for a firewall against Paradee, who is banking on his roots in a Kent County Democratic family

31st Rep

Darryl Scott


Nancy Wagner


Under threat, Wagner will need every cent she can get to defend herself from attacks of double dipping and nepotism

32nd Rep

Brad Bennett


Donna Stone


The comparable bankrolls show Bennett is serious about trying to oust Stone from the seat his dad once had

41st Rep

John Atkins


Greg Hastings


Atkins changed parties to run. Now the voters have to decide if he changed his life enough to earn his seat back

Source: Campaign finance reports as of Dec. 31. Incumbents are highlighted