Posted: Dec. 27, 2006


The season for campaign promises has come and gone. Now it is time for New Year's resolutions for 2007 from Delaware politicians.

John Carney

Democratic lieutenant governor & possibility for governor

I’m not blinking

Jack Markell

Democratic treasurer & possibility for governor

I’m not blinking, either

Charlie Copeland

Senate Republican minority leader & possibility for governor from the du Pont family

I will buy carrots for John & Jack to give them strong eyeballs

Beau Biden

Democratic attorney general-elect

Although the Republicans had a “BeausNotReady” Web site, I won’t tell the Democrats to start “NeitherIsCharlie”

Mike Castle

Republican congressman

Forget the “John Williams Rule” of quitting at 70, I’m running in 2008. Let John and Jack solve their own problem

Dennis Spivack

Democratic congressional candidate

I will stop talking. I will stop talking. I will stop talking. I will stop talking

Joe Biden

Democratic U.S. senator

I’m going to hang out with Spivack so people will think I’m mute!

Ruth Ann Minner

Democratic governor

I will ask for another year of gubernatorial eligibility, because I was red-shirted for this one