Posted: Nov. 19, 2014


By Celia Cohen
Grapevine Political Writer

All of Delaware politics is in a tizzy about the prospect of a new governor.

It is way too early to call Jack Markell, the two-term Democratic governor who cannot run again in 2016, a lame duck, but a limping duck? Maybe.

So who should the next governor be?


Beau Biden Attorney general, son of the vice president If Beau runs, he clears the field, and the never-ending speculation about his "small lesion" will give way to a following of a "large legion"
John Carney Congressman, ex-lieutenant governor, past candidate in a primary for governor If Beau does not run, there will be a line from here to D.C. of Democrats begging Carney to run
Tom Gordon New Castle County executive Gordon would be the reason there would be a line of Democrats reaching from here to Carney
Matt Denn Lieutenant governor, attorney general-elect, ex-insurance commissioner If Beau and Carney do not run, the line of Democrats swivels from D.C. to the A-G's office in Wilmington to get Denn to run


Ken Simpler Treasurer-elect Simpler is the only Republican in the field with the prerequisite -- nobody gets elected governor anymore without already having run and won statewide. But he says he will serve a 4-year term for treasurer, and as a "numbers guy," he gets that 2 does not equal 4
Greg Lavelle State Senate minority whip, past state House minority leader Lavelle has been in legislative leadership, he showed he can duke it out by unseating a sitting Democratic state senator, and he can raise great gobs of money
Colin Bonini State senator Is it midway through Bonini's four-year term? Then he must be running statewide for something
Lacey Lafferty Tea Party type, model, retired state trooper People who loved Rose Izzo for congresswoman will love Lacey Lafferty for governor