Posted: Jan. 15, 2015


Delaware's General Assembly checked into Legislative Hall in Dover this week for another two-year session. It brings along a new political, geographical and generational profile of the state Senate and the state House of Representatives.


As politics go in Delaware, the farther south, the more conservative it is. The pattern is apparent in the political affiliation of the legislators. Here is the breakdown:


Senate: 12 Democrats, 9 Republicans

House: 25 Democrats, 16 Republicans



Senate: 3 Democrats, 0 Republicans

House: 4 Democrats, 0 Republicans


Suburban New Castle County

Senate: 7 Democrats, 2 Republicans

House: 16 Democrats, 4 Republicans


Kent County

Senate: 2 Democrats, 2 Republicans

House: 4 Democrats, 4 Republicans


Sussex County

Senate: 0 Democrats, 5 Republicans

House: 1 Democrat, 8 Republicans




Here are the legislators who have been around the most and the least:


Most Seniority

Democratic senator: Harris McDowell, elected 1976

Republican senator: Colin Bonini, elected 1994

Democratic representative: Helene Keeley, elected 1996

Republican representative: Deborah Hudson, elected 1994


New Members

Senate Democrats: none

Senate Republicans: Bryant Richardson

House Democrats: Sean Lynn, Sean Matthews

House Republicans: Rich Collins, Kevin Hensley, Lyndon Yearick




The Baby Boomers have been a force since they would not trust anyone over 30 in the 1960s. They are still dominant in Legislative Hall.


Oldest Members

Senate: Bruce Ennis, 75

House: Harvey Kenton, 73


Youngest Members

Senate: Bryan Townsend, 33

House: Sean Matthews, 28 


Silent Generation -- born 1925-1945

Senate (5): Brian Bushweller, Bruce Ennis, Margaret Rose Henry, Dave McBride, Harris McDowell

House (4): J.J. Johnson, Harvey Kenton, John Kowalko, Jack Peterman


Baby Boomers -- born 1946-1964

Senate (11): Patti Blevins, Cathy Cloutier, Bethany Hall-Long, Gerald Hocker, Greg Lavelle, Dave Lawson, Bob Marshall, Karen Peterson, Bryant Richardson, Gary Simpson, Dave Sokola

House (24): Mike Barbieri, Paul Baumbach, Stephanie Bolden, Gerald Brady, Bill Carson, Rich Collins, Tim Dukes, Ron Gray, Debra Heffernan, Deborah Hudson, Earl Jaques, Ruth Briggs King, Valerie Longhurst, Joe Miro, Larry Mitchell, Mike Mulrooney, Ed Osienski, Bobby Outten, Mike Ramone, Pete Schwartzkopf, Dan Short, John Viola, Dave Wilson, Lyndon Yearick


Generation X -- born 1965-1980

Senate (4): Colin Bonini, Ernie Lopez, Brian Pettyjohn, Nicole Poore

House (11): Andria Bennett, Kevin Hensley, Quinn Johnson, Helene Keeley, Sean Lynn, Trey Paradee, Charles Potter, Bryon Short, Melanie George Smith, Steve Smyk, Kim Williams


Millennials -- born 1981-2000

Senate (1): Bryan Townsend

House (2): Sean Matthews, Jeff Spiegelman


Senate Leadership

Baby Boomers (3): Patti Blevins, Democratic president pro tem; Gary Simpson, Republican minority leader; Greg Lavelle, Republican minority whip

Silent Generation (2): Dave McBride, Democratic majority leader; Margaret Rose Henry, Democratic majority whip


House Leadership

Baby Boomers (5): Pete Schwartzkopf, Democratic speaker; Valerie Longhurst, Democratic majority leader; John Viola, Democratic majority whip; Dan Short, Republican minority leader; Deborah Hudson, Republican minority whip